Questions about MG Skills

Thought I’d start a thread about MG Skills.

I’ll go first:


What’s identifying “aspects” of animals do?

I’d suspect mice have a lot more knowledge, on average, about their fellow animals than us city-folk, on a day to day basis, (snakes are bad…snakes lay eggs…they live underground).

Is this some more specialized and game-related knowledge like, “Snakes general lair in the abandoned tunnels of moles but not badgers…so that hole right there is the one we need to go down to find the snake eggs!”?

  1. Nature descriptors or weapons or stuff in its description.

  2. Don’t make assumptions!

I’ll buy that - humans can study these animals without risk of being eaten, and they’ve got a society wealthy enough to pay people to study them as a vocation.

Does this aspect of Loremouse come up in play much? I can see it to assess whether a given animal eats mice, that could be very useful.

I can’t find the exact page ref but it does mention in the book that Loremouse is used to communicate with other animals, who all have their own languages which most mice just don’t know. There was also something about the less “mouse-like” an animal is the harder it will be to understand. Or at least that was my reading of it.

I was under the impression that most of the other animals were “unintelligent” and could not be communicated with using language. Obviously weasles are an excepction.

Issue 4 of Winter clearly indicated that bats also have language and some form of intelligence (though they are quite mouse-like).

Hmmm. Not sure what to make of all this. Maybe I’m reading it wrong?