Questions for Chris: Sector 311

Hi Chris,

I love your map. And it has me geeking out Traveller style with the method you used to generate it (mentioned in the Worlds and Lords thread )

I have a couple of questions for you on it.

1.) Tech Index: How high is high? I know you’ve said that the tech index goes above 5 in the old empire. (the highest usually mentioned in BE.) And it’s evident from your formulae that some Karsan worlds can be Index 6. If I were to guess I’d say Index 4 - 6 were considered high in the current Iron Empires and Index 1-3 would be low. Is that about right?

2.) According to your post in the Worlds and Lords thread about your generation method for Sector 311 you classify the worlds as such

Sector Capital: In + Val = 10+
Industrial: In + Val = 9-10
Resource: In + Val = or < 8

On the map of 311, it looks like anything with a Value of 8 (highest possible) is a Sector Cap. Most from 5 - 7 are Industrial and most 4 and below are Resource worlds. It looks like you have a couple of 4’s marked up to Industrials but they have high Tech indexs (5’s in both cases). And you have a few 5’s and 6’s which don’t make the cut to Industrials. In those cases the TI’s are 3 or below. The first method would result in fewer sector capitals, I think.

So, (long winded way of asking this) The way I see it, A value of 8 is always a sector capital. A value of 4-7 might be an industrial if you get a 9 or more by adding the Tech Index to the Planet Value. Also it looks like a Value 8 planet must have a tech index of 1 or better. Am I on target there?

3.) How do you locate your planets in the districts? Is it by eye or just random, like for example rolling two 10 siders, one for each axis (or two 20’s)?

4.) This last isn’t really a question but if you wanted another bit of relativly useless info about about the elevation above or below the galactic disk I figured you could roll 6 fudge dice which would give you a bell curve spread between -6 and +6, weighted to 0. You could try it on the diceroller here

Anyone else who has answers to the first question is welcome to chime in too.