Questions on Altering Beliefs.

Okay so we had a psychic duel (more like a mind rape) tonight in the game. Which was all cool and I noted that I wanted to modify the PCFON’s belief as part of my objective. At least I thought I did. This is our first Psychic Duel ever, the previous game had no Psychologists in it.

  1. What does modify mean exactly? The word suggest just altering the wording of a belief, but keeping some of it. However it could mean a complete rewrite. I’ve seen the complete rewrite suggested in another thread.

  2. Do I choose the belief to alter or do I offer the PC a new belief and he can discard (perhaps temporarily) one of his other beliefs. Again this is something I saw in that earlier thread (from someone who played the game with Luke, so it seemed to have some plausibility.)

  1. You can rewrite it, but it’s got to be in context. No “You think you are a chicken” Beliefs.

  2. The victorious psychologist dictates the new content, the defeated player determines where it goes.