Questions on psychologist to psychologist connections

Page 579 says, “However, since they already gain the FoRK die from their own Psychology skill, they do not gain an advantage die from their connections.”

What if they FoRK a skill other than psychology? Can they use the connection die then? What if a nonpsychologist has psychology as a skill and FoRKs it? Are they still eligible to use their connection die?

Did Will stump the forum?

Should he get a Deeds point for this? :slight_smile:


I was hoping for something more authoritative, but here’s my stab at an answer: FoRKing, say, Ugly Truth instead of Psychology in order to claim a connection die from Pyschology seems like a dodge to me. I think the rule is pretty clear: Psychologists do not benefit from connection-die advantage. The clause beginning with “since” is an explanation of the reason for the rule, not a note on its correct application.

A character with Psychology but without the Bright Mark or Mule traits is not considered a psychologist for the purpose of those rules, and thus can benefit from both a connection die and a Psychology FoRK, just as they could claim both a connection die and an Ugly Truth FoRK.

I am seconding zabeiru on this. Psychology is powerful, and this is one of the limitations inherent to its power. If you can use the supernatural force of Psychology, you can’t benefit from the connection die advantage. If you don’t have the Bright Mark, or are not a Mule, but have Psychology as a skill, then I would say you can benefit from both a connection die, and FoRK Psychology as well. This is your benefit for taking Psychology as a skill, without having the cool mess-with-your-mind abilities.

Devin is correct. The Connectoon Die represents the idea that all humans have some in-born psychic potential, even if they don’t have the Bright Mark, and receiving a Connection from a psychologist juices that potential for a short period of time. Other psychologists have already realized their potential, and so don’t get the same effect.

Also, receiving a connection puts a psychologist in a much more favorable position vis a vis the person who extended the connection than a normal person would have. They gain the psychic benefits of a connection: they can communicate, read, transfer, hinder, lock and psychically duel, all without extending a connection die and lowering their own barrier.

Page 579, under Psychologist to Psychologist Connections, only says the connected psychologist can read the psychologist who made the connection, no mention of the other connection powers.