Questions regarding patrol make ups and Character sheet errors

So a few questions.

Firstly, are there any updated character 2nd edition character sheets? The one luke has posted up has the “deceiver” skill listed but I thought that was meant to be manipulator.

Secondly, what sort of ranks does a typical patrol have? a patrol leader and guardmice? can a patrol guard ‘lead’ guardmice? Just trying to make up some pregens for a one shot and wondered what the ‘usual’ might be.

Lastly, I noticed for patrol guards that they are, according to the narrative, able to take on solo missions. Can this be done? as in, a one gm and one PC game of mouse guard? I figured it could be done as long as the obs were scaled back slightly (or not at all in order to teach a player the value of teamwork and helper dice!) but what sort of missions would a solo guardmouse go on?

OH and before I forget, the supplement book with the extra rules and missions, I noticed that there was a PDF of it available online, has this been updated with the second edition changes? if I recall correctly, some of the new settlements had wises as skills. I’d hate to buy the pdf and have it be the same as the first edition booklet.