Quick n' dirty classes: Human Druid

A druid is an ancient order of priests, followers of the Old Gods.

Use the cleric class as a base class.
Skills: Ritualist 4, Healer 3, Cook 2, Mentor 2, Peasant 2.
Trait: Touched by the Old Gods (same trait, different name).
Wears no armor, may only wield a dagger (dual use as a holy symbol).
Replace Fury of the Lords of Life and Death with any unaffiliated First Circle prayer.
Suggested wise: Old Gods-wise or Law-wise.

No Alchemist? How will Getafix brew his Strength Potion?

Cook! They don’t use chemistry and laboratories, they use cauldrons and herbs/roots. I SUPPOSE you could replace Cook or Peasant with Alchemist with it just seems off to me.

My hat is off to you, good sir.