Quick Question: Artha and Learning Skills

Does Spent Artha count towards skills being learned (Beginners Luck)?

Pretty sure it counts towards the root stat, since that is what you’re actually testing when you use Beginner’s Luck.

You have to open the skill before you have it to spend Artha on in the first place.

Well true, but:

When learning a skill before doubling the obstacle, if the test is routine advance the skill, or if it’s Difficult or Challenging advance the Root Stat. This implies if you spend Artha on the a beginners luck roll it could apply to either or, depending on the obstacle.

So my question still “kind of” stands, but I’m guessing the Artha ends up where the test put the advancement.

Artha spent on a beginners luck test goes towards the stat regardless of what the difficulty is. This is because (even with the doubling) you’re making a stat test until the skill is finally opened.

What Colin said.

To elucidate further:

A stat test may “count towards” opening a skill but is not a test OF the skill. Make sense?

To put it a different way, look at the roll you’re using Artha on. Wherever that number of dice came from, that’s what the Artha was spent on.

In the case of every Beginner’s Luck test, by definition, that is a stat.

Roger roger! Thanks for the help!

Colin is correct. Beginner’s Luck tests are stat tests in all respects not explicitly covered by the Beginner’s Luck rule.

Funny enough, my real name is Colin.

So when I read that post, I was like “No, I wasn’t right.” :mad:


“Wait a minute, how do you know my real name.” o_o

I always word it this way:

“A Double Obstacle Penalty applies when testing a stat versus a skill, or in place of a skill.”

It’s easy to remember, and emphasizes that it’s the stat being tested, not a nonexistent skill.