Quick Question

I’ve done some GM and some playing and am now jumping back onto the player side of things and wanted to ask a question:

How beneficial is having a level 2 trait over the long run? I’m thinking something like Fiery or Adventurous.

2 traits gives you more narrative choices about when to use a trait for or against yourself. When I thought that a level 1 trait also limited how many times you can use the trait against yourself, I was all for level 2 traits. Now that I know that you can use a trait against yourself as many times as you want regardless of level, I think I favor having 2 traits to start.

However, if you’re very good at convincing your GM that your trait applies to every situation, then I guess a level 2 trait is better mechanically, though it says less about your character.

Well conceivably I’ll have 2 trait to start with, yes? I get my home trait, and my class trait. But depending on my starting location, and my Nature questions, I could end up with 1 level 1 trait, and 1 level 2 trait.

Oh yeah, duh, you’re right. Then if you want to play a fiery or adventurous character, go for it! I’ve never played with a level 2 trait but it seems like a pretty nice thing to have.

Level 2 traits are great as long as you’re interested in playing your character in that manner! If you enjoy giving lots of rousing speeches, you should definitely go for Fiery! Getting that +1D to all actions when your Fiery comes into play is a big deal. But if you’re only going to give fiery speeches once in a blue moon, then it’s not so great.

Well I also look at Fiery as doing anything with passion and zeal - charging headlong into the enemy, leaping off a cliff to save the day, etc.

Sadly though, after looking at the GM created towns, there are only a few traits that will get to level 2 and only if I change class/race and I’m just not sure it’s worth it.

You can also advance your traits in the Winter phase. You don’t have to start with L2 traits, you can earn them.