Quivers as wearable small sacks

Per the equipment section a quiver can hold two items (of one slot each I imagine). While I suppose you could use a quiver to to stash other things (maybe coins or something long and thin like torches), this seems to go against the spirit of the game. Our group wizard has decided he will wear two quivers (one in his belt slot and the other on his torso). Per the letter of the rules this seems possible, but it feels like an exploit to me. Being creative is one thing, but this seems like cheese. I don’t particularly like the guy, so I’m trying to figure out if my gripe is legitimate or if I’m letting my feelings about him effect my judgement.

Should I call this out to our GM or is what he is doing kosher?

Sounds fine to me. The GM should feel free to restrict what items can go in the quiver. I would feel comfortable saying that the magician’s spell book doesn’t fit in the quiver, even though it only takes up 2 slots. And obviously he can’t carry anything that takes up more than 2 slots.

Speaking as a character in the same position, I don’t see anything wrong with it. (I will, however, commend your player on the second quiver on the torso. I hadn’t thought of that.) Anyway, I play a thief that carries satchel instead of a backpack, (as I’m sure your wizard does), so any extra room is greatly valued. I consulted with my GM and my character purchased a quiver for his weapon slot, but we call it a large pouch. I play that it can hold two single slot items (so no spellbook). I don’t know if he will let me do the same thing with a torso quiver (maybe a small satchel?), but, even if he does, how does that break the game? If you do not allow it, he’ll have as much as two slots unusable. Assuming he doesn’t carry a dagger, he won’t use the weapon slot. And if he carries a satchel and rope on his torso, he still has one unusable slot. (Unless he gets some magic robes or something to take up a torso slot.) I think that, if you limit what can go in the quivers/large pouch/small satchel, it’s not that big a deal. (Of course, considering the situation, I am a little biased in my opinion.)

Your base assumption is incorrect. He wears a backpack.

My problem with quivers as extra storage is that it bypasses the strained feeling the game imparts through the inventory system. The rest of us agonize over our gear because our slots are precious. With 10 slots our magician doesn’t care. He has his spellbook and a full sized jug plus all the other essentials and has room left over. If I got rid of all my non-essentials I might be able to fit a bottle in my pack, and I don’t have a spellbook.

As far the dagger goes, I don’t understand why Luke is so against them (to the point of advising that you throw it away). Magicians don’t get fight, but with a health of 3 they are no worse off than a starting cleric. A magician won’t always have a fight applicable spell to use, so having a dagger means they won’t be taking the penalty for being unarmed. Further, Drive off conflicts use will instead of fighter for defend and maneuver. A magician is going to have a good will, meaning he can be disarming with that dagger or setting other up for a big hit.

Plus the entire thought of magician as pack mule is fragging ridiculous.

Regarding quivers, here’s why I’m OK with them as sacks:

A quiver in a torso slot is inferior to a satchel.

A quiver on the belt slot takes up a weapon slot. That’s a bit of a pain, enforce it. None of this pouch or skin slot nonsense.

The game needs something to allow barbarians to strap a sword to their back.

I think the multiple satchel hack is far more egregious, but if you’re having trouble with quivers I recommend the following catch-all house rule:

You can only wear up to 5 pack slots before suffering the effective penalty of a backpack (Fighter and Dungeoneer Factor).

If you wear 10 pack slots, that’s a fatigue factor for exhaustion.

That ought to put a stop to any satchel/quiver shenanigans, while leaving the option open for people who really want to pack a lot of gear desperately. The exhaustion fatigue factor should make a spellcaster think twice.

From what I’ve seen of early D&D games this was actually pretty common, since they didn’t have to carry heavy armor and weapons they often acted as pack mule for the rest of the party!

Back when we played basic D&D, ours carried the weight of the party’s sins. And a dagger for slitting throats.

I am generally opposed to the strapping of swords to backs, on the grounds that doing so makes it very difficult if not impossible to draw the sword in combat. YMMV, but one of the main appeals of Torchbearer is the degree of practicality it enforces; letting players have ridiculously impractical things like back scabards seems to undercut this.

From the book:
Quiver: torso/worn 1 or belt/weapon
A quiver holds arrows or bolts, or two items.

From the sounds of it, the advice that has not yet been given here that maybe should be is: don’t play with people you don’t like. If you’re focusing on what they’re doing over what you’re doing, you’re not allowing yourself to enjoy the game. You can always find other people to play with whose company you enjoy and will enrich your play experience rather than take away from it. You can’t pick your family or coworkers - you can pick your friends (and your coplayers should be your friends). I know of too many people who have given up tabletopping because they don’t think there are alternatives, force themselves into groups with toxic atmospheres, then grow to hate the game through their negative experiences. Get some good friends together, say “let’s play a game,” and start GMing for them. If you can’t find anyone, there are internet games that you can find right here on this forum with other people whose company you may yet prefer.

I hope that helps, and that you can enjoy your experiences with Torchbearer.

Change text to: “Your character may carry a backpack, a satchel, or a two-handed weapon on their torso.”

Although, not having a pack would mean your character doesn’t have any skill gear, which might cause all the other characters to grumble about the good-for-nothing barbarian who expects everyone else to haul mountains of crud about for him while he hogs all the glory cleaving monsters in twain with his mighty battle axe.

I created a harness for the characters in my game. It takes up one torso slot and allows you to use the weapon slot on the belt to carry a two-handed weapon.

The real problematic wording for me is “or any two items.”

Is that two pack slots?

Or can it carry more than two slots of items, as long as it’s only two items?

It would almost be ideal wording if it said “any two pack 1 items” – that would prevent people from using it to carry spellbooks for example. Although, special belt cases for books ARE a thing.

I suppose it’s my fault for having players who would actually argue they can fit two spellbooks in a quiver.

Oh, quivers.

I put a quiver inside a quiver and my character sheet burst into flames.

…tearing open a portal to the Plane of Elemental Quiver.

You have my blessing to update the rule to say “or one pack/1 item.”