R & C tied for Maneuver with same action?

p406 BWG. If both tie with close or withdraw they both move one range. This really confuses me. what am i not getting? can anyone example me into clarity?

Great bow vs. thrown weapon. Starting with both out of range. We both close and tie the roll. We both move to extreme? But extreme great bow says thrown is out of range, and extreme thrown says great bow is in optimal. What happens?

me brain hurts.

Bow guy moves to extreme, then Throw guy moves to extreme, putting bow guy at optimal.

Or maybe do it in the other order - Throw guy moves to extreme putting Bow guy at optimal, from which he moves to Too Close to Shoot and all of a sudden they’re face to face?
Nah, stick with the first one.

It is interesting to note that your first response (Throwing ends at extreme, Great bow ends at optimal) is the same net result as just the thrower winning. Not to say it’s wrong… that’s how I was going to call it, too (but I’ve loaned out my book, so I can’t look up the relevant passage right now).

I would think that, if the Great Bow had failed their role, they couldn’t get a shot off at Optimal.

True, same positioning, but you’re right… the difference is that both get to let fly.