Raise Your Glass: MG Mission

Let me know what you think and if you see any problem areas. I went for a more social / roleplay style adventure and its loosely patterned off the Jamison Whiskey Commercials >.^!

Raise Your Glass:

*The Patrol is in Port Sumac for a few days and are enjoying a short reprieve from the everyday grind of the guard. In the post, is a letter for the Patrol leader asking the Guard to attend the opening of Port Sumac’s first whiskey distillery and to bodyguard its owner at the gala he’s having at his mansion. It is from James O’Dwyer, a wealthy ship captain and a shoe-in for next year’s election.

A. Fashion First:
*The Patrol needs to be presentable for the event, parade standards are called for.

Make tests to buy new clothes or bring the ones you have up to snuff.
(Weaver / Smith / Resources / Circles - p237/238) Failures = Angry (The Patrol needs to be in the best form possible!)

B. Who’s on the Guest List?
*The Patrol has only been in town for a few days, find out who is going to be there.

Make tests to see who has been invited to the part.
(Circles / Celebration-wise / Port Sumac-wise / Administrator / Brewer - Obstacle 3) Failures = Hungry Thirsty (Running around town is hard work!)

*Grain Peddler - Bring back or bring in for the first time the Grain Peddler from the sample mission. He’s here on business to try and sell his grain to the brewery.

*Ms. Quinn - The town beauty will be at the event and so will all her suitors. Have your Patrol’s enemies show up to the event to cause friction.

*James O’Dwyer - The young owner of distillery and he wants to Patrol to escort his first case of whiskey from distillery to his house where the party is.

*Rourke the Sober - He’s planning on crashing the party and will attempt to have the Patrol all swear oaths of sobriety. He also asks the Patrol to investigate the relationship between Ms. Quinn and James O’Dwyer. He is determined to keep his daughter away from that scoundrel (Persuader / Deceiver).

C. Guard the Booze!
*The Patrol has been asked by James to meet him on the afternoon of the party. He gives the Patrol a tour and offers them free samples, he’s keen on trying to get the Patrol to spread the word about his whiskey.

  • Resist the temptation to start celebrating early.
    (Persuader / Deceiver - Obstacle 3) Failures = The Patrol becomes intoxicated (Sick)

*After the tour, the Patrol are shown to a cart filled with four casks. James has forgotten to hire haulers and now its up to you.

-The Patrol needs to get the casks to James’ house.

Make tests to navigate the city.
(Pathfinder / Road-wise / Path-wise - Obstacle 4 - Mud) Failures = Tired

*As the Patrol pulls the cart into the back of James’ house, they are set upon by thieves!

Mouse Conflict: Five hired thugs have been ordered to smash up the casks. The Patrol must save as many as possible.

Band of Thugs Nature 6
Mean, Cunning

Band of Thugs Weapons
Assorted Weapons +1 to Maneuver, Dirty Tricks +1s to Attack, Mercenary -1D to Disposition.

Failures = Minor Compromise (3 casks are destroyed), Compromise (2 casks are destroyed), Major Compromise (1 cask is destroyed) and the thugs escape.

Success = The casks are saved and the thugs are detained for questioning.
(Persuader / Deceiver) The thugs reveal that they have been hired by Rourke the Sober.

*Depending on how many casks James receives the Patrol will be rewarded differently:

4 casks - James is wonderfully pleased and will increase the characters resource score by 1.
3 casks - James is happy that he has most of his stock and promises to put in a good word with his friends, +1D to Circles anytime the Patrol is in Port Sumac
2 casks - James is quite agitated about whether he’ll have enough for the party and will forget to reward the Patrol.
1 cask - James is on the verge of tears and demands that the Patrol pay him for his losses. (Persuader / Deceiver - Obstacle 6) Failures = -1 to Resources

D. Rourke the Sober and the Temperance Legion:

*As the booze begins to flow and the party kicks off, everyone is having a good time. Suddenly, the door to the mansion is thrown open an a lone mouse stands imperiously in the doorway. He punches the sky and a roar is heard from outside, mice begin to stream in begin to terrorize the party-goers!

Mouse Conflict: Rourke the Sober and the Temperance Legion - The Patrol must restore order before things escalate further.

Temperance Legion Nature 7
Agressive, Fearless

Temperance Legion Weapons
Assorted Weapons +1D to Attack, Fanatical +1 to Disposition

Failures = Angry / Injured

E. Escape to the wharf:

*James and Ms. Quinn have joined the Patrol and are racing towards the docks. Luckily, James has his ship prepared for its trip to Darkwater.

Chase conflict: Rourke the Sober’s Temperance Legion is busy ransacking James’ distillery and mansion but a few of his most ardent followers are determined to grab James O’Dwyer and Ms. Quinn.

  • Use the profile above.

Failures = Tired / Hungry Thirsty

F. Navigate to Darkwater:

*After fleeing Port Sumac, everyone is exhausted. Ms. Quinn and James seem to be getting along famously and James still has a few casks left of his whiskey. He just needs to get it to Darkwater and to his partners there.

2x (Pathfinder, Cartographer, Weather Watcher, Star-wise, Water-wise, Boatcrafter - Obstacle 6) Failures = Weather / Animal Conflict.

*The Darkwater Terror - Deep in the lake between Port Sumac and Darkwater is reputed to be a terrible monster. There have always been legends about the beast but no reliable witnesses or evidence has ever emerged.

  • Suileach the Lake Lord: This many eyed terror rises up from the depths only once a century, it has claws, tentacles, and can create whirlpools.

Suileach Nature 8
Mean, Swimming, Greedy

Suileach Weapons
Mythical +2s to Disposition, Many-Armed +1D to Attack, Whirlpool +1s to Maneuver.

+1D to Disposition (James will fight tooth and fur for his beloved whiskey).

Failures = Tired / Injured / Sick depending on level of compromise.

*The rampaging monster has destroyed all but one of James’ casks during the fight. Seized in a tentacle, Suileach is intent on taking James’ finest whiskey with him to the depths. Unable to accept the situation, James dives in after the beast and his whiskey. Despite any efforts made by the Patrol, James cannot be found.

G. The Funeral of James O’Dwyer:

*As the Patrol and Ms. Quinn arrive at Darkwater she breaks into tears and explains that Rourke is actually her father and that she is in love with James. However, she has no money and knows no one in Darkwater and begs the Patrol to help her hold a funeral for James.

  • Preparations need to be made for James funeral.

(Circles - Find James’ partners and friends, Resources - Help Ms. Quinn find a place to stay in Darkwater, Orator - Deliver a speech at James’ funeral, Carpenter - Make James a coffin, etc).

*At the funeral, James’ partners and friends and Ms. Quinn are all gathered at the shore of the beach. (Ask one of the players to deliver a eulogy) While the mourners listen to James’ eulogy there is a faint cry in the distant. It steadily grows louder, Ms. Quinn turns and screams. She points out to the cold waves and there far off from the beach is James clutching onto his remaining cask.

H. Rescue James!

  • James needs to be rescued immediately from the cold waters.

(Healer / Survivalist - Obstacle 2) Failures = Sick (The water is cold!)

*James is reunited with Ms. Quinn and the patrol. Though, no one believes his story about Suileach, all his friends and business partners are glad to have him back. They think its all been a great big joke and are amazed that the Guard would participate in such a thing. James decides to open his last cask and vows to restart in Darkwater, far from Rourke and the Temperance Legion. As the cask is opened, James proposes to Ms. Quinn who readily accepts.

  • Beloved by Brewers: +2 to Circles in Darkwater.

I. (Optional) Return Ms. Quinn to Port Sumac:

  • If the Patrol agreed to help Rourke the Sober at the beginning of the mission, now is the perfect time to seize Ms. Quinn and to make for Port Sumac.

Mouse Conflict: James the Furious

James the Furious Nature 6
Determined, Bodyguard, Drunk

James the Furious Weapons
Drunken Brawler +1D to Attack / -1D to Defend, Dirty Tricks +1D to Feint, Love-Struck +1D to Disposition

Failures = Tired / Injured

  • Vendetta: James is furious at the Mouse Guard and will do everything in his power to mess with them from Darkwater: -2 to Circles in Darkwater.

  • Order of the Legion: Rourke the Sober is thrilled to have his daughter back, out of gratitude he awards the Patrol with the Order of the Legion: +1 Resources in any town that has Legion members.

How does the mission challenge the Beliefs and Instincts of the patrol?

Good point, I’d say that you could have have conflicts because the Guard is being asked to a party by a notable brewer who tries to get them drunk. Rourke will try to get them swear off booze for good. Your players might have a belief / instinct like “Never trust a rich mouse” and so will be at odds with helping James. Later in the mission, Ms. Quinn asks for help for the funeral. Also, at the end is the idea that people think the whole thing has been staged and so you could play into this later. I think there are some places for BIGs to be challenged, but maybe they’re not as obvious as they should be. Any ideas on how I could change / tweak something?

Hi Arseniy,

Can you turn this into a mission with a clear objective around which the players can write Goals, two mission obstacles, and two potential twists? Most of what you’ve written out looks like things the players should pursue during the Players’ Turn. Do the players’ characters have relationships with any of these residents of Port Sumac?

I added a sentence to the opening fluff stating that James is hiring the guard as bodyguards for his whiskey. Also, I added in a twist to where the Patrol is asked to spy on James and Ms. Quinn and to ultimately keep them seperated. This adds a layer of duplicity to the over all plot. You could allow your players to change their goal at the point where they first meet Rourke the Sober. Mission obstacles are spread through out with weather conflicts, animal conflicts, mice conflicts, and also social / resource / skill challenges as well.

Also, I want to keep the mission on the social / rp side of things and to keep somethings nebulous to help contrast it against the more straight forward missions. Ideas?