Range and Cover Effects

So my son and I were running a Range and Cover scene and we encountered a interesting question. In Range and Cover, when Hesitating, the character is allowed to Swoon. The Swoon option then allows for a Stealthy or Inconspicuous test versus the opponent’s Observation to “drop out of sight.” In our scenario, the character hesitating had just received a Midi Wound. Normally the character making the Stealthy test would then be at a -2D to his skill, dropping it to a B1. Does the -2d penalty apply in this case? If the character’s Stealthy skill drops to 0, is the character unable to avail himself of this option?

BWG pg 420

I would say yes. You’re not coherent enough to roll to cover, and instead just lie there unconscious until the other party checks out the place where they saw you go down.

So they would roll a standard Observation check at that Point? (with +Ob for denser cover, etc.)

That’s how I would handle things. The conflict is over, so you’re back to regular Intent and Task.

Sweet, thanks! BTW, your Youtube stuff is a great help.