Range and Cover: example of produced fiction

Hi all,
I’m familiar with the BWG system (I’ve played it on and of for a few years now), but I still have problems with the Range and Cover chapter. This is not a mechanical problem: I understand the procedures, which are fairly similar to Duel of Wits or Fight.
What I don’t understand is the type of fiction this system should produce, and especially how the abstract distances are combined with the fictional ones, expecially when the terrain has some fixed features (fortifications, rivers ecc…).

So, could you post me an actual play which mimics the correct experience? (Again, I’m not interested with how many dice do you roll, but what this system is able to produce compared to simple task/intent resolution)?



We did an R&C in this session of our Hangout game. It’s a little rough, but it should give a pretty good idea. Also, I’m sure that we got some stuff wrong mechanically.


Thanks Shaun, that was awesome and clarified a few things.
Anyone else has suggestions or examples?

I think “Enemy at the gates” movie would be a good example.

I’m gonna have to watch that earlier. I’m in a very similar situation mentally. Spyderswebbing gave me an explanation for how to figure out the Obstacles, but I can’t wrap my head around how it correlates with the fiction.

In our Blossoms game we had an exciting R&C archery duel running through a burning field. Sneaking through the smoke or steel closing across the flaming ground. Intense!