Range and Cover questions


I ran a geeky little range and cover for myself to see if I had a grasp on the rules and what issues came up, and I had a couple questions. I could certainly rule on them as a GM, but I’m curious what the consensus is. I was using my Wild West firearms, but you can just imagine “great bow” where I say “rifle” and “light crossbow” where I say “pistol.”

In the fight there were two groups of two lawmen engaging one group of two bandits holed up in a cabin. The maneuvers went like this:
Bandits: hold (8 successes)
Sheriff Bart’s team: hold (3 successes)
Deputy Nathan: close (9 successes)
According to the example on page 422, the Bandits would get to spend 5 dice on actions against Sheriff Bart’s team but could spend none against Deputy Nathan. Is that right? What if the Bandits were trying to do something Nathan wanted to stop them from doing, like setting some explosives or loading gold bars into a wagon for their escape? Is it for the GM to decide what actions you can get away with when you beat one enemy team but lose against the other? I’d be more comfortable canceling the successes of any team beaten by any enemy team.

Deputy Nathan had been in a team with Deputy Jake. Jake had a rifle, but he got shot and severely wounded and dropped out of the fight. What if Deputy Nathan wanted to pick up Jake’s rifle instead of using his own pistol? Should he maneuver with the pistol, since that’s what’s in his hand, and then spend an extra success to pick up the rifle? If so, which weapon does he shoot with if he’s entitled to a shot? Is it okay to shoot with a weapon you didn’t maneuver with? Or should he maneuver with the rifle, since that’s what he’s intending to fire, but be unable to pick it up if he doesn’t score any successes?

One more question. One of the bandits is shot and mortally wounded. I think the other bandit then has to make a Hesitation check because they’re on the same team and one was wounded. If he fails the Hesitation check he’s supposed to lose points of Position. Does this apply to Fortification, too? Does he have to leave the cabin if he fails the Steel test, even if he doesn’t choose Run Screaming?

Thanks very much!