Range Dice in Range and Cover

Overall I love the flow of the new Range and Cover, but how to use the range dice really confused us, especially since the party had some different weapons to use. I think what confused us most, as silly as it sounds, is there wasn’t a “+” next to the dice counts in the tables so it wasn’t immediately clear if it was additive or used in place of something. One particular question we had was: do both sides use Ranged Dice in appropriate maneuvers, or just the side that last won the last volley?

Your primary actor (the one the others are helping) adds the appropriate dice for the range to the roll each exchange to see whose maneuver works. I generally rule that if your helper’s weapons are out of range they can’t help the maneuver rolls, although that depends on what maneuver you’re trying.

Both sides.

I think don’t be able to shot is sufficient penalty. If you are maneuvering with your weapon then you have your weapon advantage, you are not out of the fight yet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t help if you don’t have dice, and in Out of Range you have dice becouse you are trying to place yourself at a better position to your weapon.

Wait! If a member of your team is Out of Range, I think every other member of the team is Out of Range too, right? If they not, then you make new teams at the end of the Exchange.