Range for Psychology?

I’ve tried finding the answer to this, but rest assured that I will sufficiently self-flagellate if someone comes up with a page number for me…

Across what distance can one use Psychology? In my mind’s eye, I’m imagining something like “line of sight” - so I can have one of my GMFoN’s lieutenants, a rogue Circle of 10k-Hammer Lord, call a ship’s captain on the video-comm and Lock her or fry her brains while the rest of the Hammer squad cuts the ship to pieces. Is this kosher? Or is Psychology intended for use only face to face, or even in physical contact (noticed something in another thread about restrictions on shaking hands…)?

  • Daniel

Re-read the chapter. Psychology requires that a Connection be formed between Psychologist and target, and once that Connection exists, it works at any range.

Forming a Connection requires that the characters be “physically in the same scene” (pg 577). I’m not sure whether to read that as physical proximity, or just as heavy interactive scene presence.

The only exception to this is the Psychic Duel, pg 585. This does not require a Connection, but does require physical proximity.

The physical contact deal you’re thinking about is on Pg 587, I think. Note that it is the only mechanic requiring contact of any kind; the others require proximity, but not contact.

EDIT: To be entirely clear: Once a connection is formed, you can use it to Lock someone from anywhere. No sight, proximity, contact, or anything needed.

Thanks. I knew the bit about being able to Lock at any range once a connection was established. My concern was more about how it’d work for either Connecting to and then Locking some nameless NPC who doesn’t get to refuse, or for frying brains through a Psychic Duel. Thanks for the page refs (self-flagellation will begin soon) - physically together for the Connection and then “Presence” for the Duel. Check.