The ratmen. In some places, just as normal as dwarves and elves, in other places, unknown.

The ratmen. A society torn in two: the First People, honoring nature and the spirits; The Chaos Rats, followers of warped magics and diggers of ancient artifacts and machines. The Chaos Rats have looked too deep into the abyss, some say that anything goes to expel the monkey-invaders.

Raw abilities
Health 4
Will 4

Nature descriptor (Honoring, Skittering, Getting in)

Survival 4
Pathfinding 3
Scout 2
Fighter 2
Scavenger 2
Oratory 2

Trait: The congregation that channels its conviction

Wises: Usefulness-wise, one wise of choice

Nature questions:

Do you follow the old ways and honor the spirits?
If yes, add 1 to your nature
If no, change your Honoring nature to Embracing Change, you may replace your home trait with Warped

We must either skitter together, or fall apart. Do you follow the pack or strike out boldly?
If you follow, add 1 to nature
If you don’t, you may replace your home trait with Loner or Bold, or add one to your Fighter skill

Nothing can hold a rat back from getting in and getting to the goods.
Are you the first to (try to) get in yourself, or do you prefer others do that for you?
If you go first, add 1 to your nature
If you prefer others go, add 1 to your Oratory

Weapons: anything with an edge or point that is one-handed.

Armor: Leather

Comments very welcome. I’m tossing some obvious surces together to create these guys, I know. I dont need them to closely model (any of) those sources though, they can be their own!