Ravenloft (I6) - Torchbearer style...


I have started the task off converting the classic AD&D Gothic horror adventure Ravenloft (the 1e version not the awful 3e one). I have run this module under nearly every RPG I own, including Burning Wheel Gold, and each gives the adventure a slightly different feel - Paranoia doubly so… Has anyone else done any conversions of old D&D adventures? Any suggestions on keeping the monster conversion consistent?


Paranoia Ravenloft is the most amazing idea ever.

(Also, Torchbearer Ravenloft would be insane.)

If I was playing in a Ravenloft TB game I would just check my Afraid box at the door…

Agreed :slight_smile:

TB I think will be as good as Warhammer FRP (1e) or Chill at providing a feeling of dread and ‘we are screwed’ feeling.

I’ll post highlights from each session - any suggestions welcome.

Do me a favor: remove the mist mechanism. Don’t trap the players somewhere and force them down the rails. Instead, give them a reason to want to stay and finish the adventure.

My only experience with Ravenloft was using the Leverage RPG.

This sounds awesome. I hope you post the conversion :slight_smile:

Jesse Burneko ran the game and talks about it here and I think this will link to his character sheet hacks.

My players will make their characters this week. I am happy to remove the Mist trap, I have never found it mattered. I can’t think of any running of the module in any system the players trying to escape. TB should awesome for this game.

Will post what the 4 players decide on class-wise later this week. Will also post my attempt at Strahd.

I can’t wait to see it. Personally, I don’t think the mist is needed. You could always use Ravenloft as the setting for all of your dungeons. Nicely enough, each domain has a unique culture/style, so you could give each one a great personality for the players. If the players are from Ravenloft, you don’t need the mist at all. They could simply travel from one domain to the next, and you could have all the domains connected in a map. If the players want to flee, then maybe TB isn’t the right game.

Also, have you thought about a Horrified condition? What about -1D to Will, Health and skill tests. Recover Ob 4 Will. If you wanted to get really nasty, a Horrified character can only participate in Flee conflicts with a monster they are Horrified of.

Afraid, while not the same as Terrified, covers it well enough.

Sounds good. Initially I was thinking to only use rules from I6 (1e version) + TB. I know Ravenloft inside & out and could run it without reference to the module (sad I know). But TB is something I’m still coming to terms with. So this outing will be using the TB rules without much in the way of house rules.

The 2nd ed D&D Ravenloft setting as a TB setting may come later depending on how the play plays out. I was a real fan of the Ravenloft setting and collected everything T$R could produce - the good and the bad…

The Mist mechanic made quite a thing about the Gypsies resource of anti-poison potions. But I have NEVER had any group think, “bugger this, let’s live on potions the rest of our life and leave Barovia”. So from my experience the mist mechanic and the potions are sort of pointless. Perhaps they were meant to instill a feeling of being trapped? But ultimately they do come across as a rail-roading rule.

Will post Strahd v1.0, along with the PC character choices tomorrow, and hopefully I can get some input from the TB community.