Reaching Nature 7

How could anyone reach Nature 7? Not only is it long and hard to reach, but it’s also possible to reduce one’s maximum Nature to make sure the mouse never gets there and has to deal with the consequences. Is it supposed to be very hard to reach, or am I forgetting something?

It is hard to reach, but it is very possible.

If you say so, I guess I’ll have to believe it! I have to say I only played one session, so I could hardly see how the progression went. Thank you!

When reaching Nature 7 (N7), the book states that the mouse begins to act too settled and cautious for adventure. Then at the end of the session the GM picks to change one of the characters traits to settled, oldfur, or skittish. This makes sense to me, but if at Nature 0 a mouse becomes “a little crazy” and needs to retire until next Spring because he doesn’t want to be in the Guard anymore, what does the N7 mouse act like?

Do they throw down their weapons, untie their cloak and scamper in the brush leaving their patrol mates to try and find them? Or if brought back to Lockhaven, can the N7 mouse, break away from his patrol and hide in the walls? Trying to remain hidden from sight and sneaking out to steal from the pantry? Or maybe finding their way to the library and stealing pages from books to create a nest!

If you are the mouse you say so. What do you think it means? I think it’s very clear.

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