Read Faith Conquers

As the title says I read Faith Conquers, the first Iron Empires graphic novel. Here’s my brief review:

[li] The artwork is GORGEOUS
[/li][li]I like Trevor Faith. He’s a less jerk-like type of the characters I like to play: the firm believer who doesn’t take crap.
[/li][li]The narrative is alright, although it suffers for being only 4 issues long. I wanted to see Faith challenged to his core. The narrative went through it’s paces , sure, but it doesn’t quite hit home for me.
[/li][li]The setting is good.
[/li][li]All the characters are very distinct.
[/li][li]Some of the layouts are a bit confusing, but this was a minor hiccup for what’s an otherwise well laid-out story.

I think it’s a good testament to the game that I could read the book and see the maneuvers being played. Ultimately I’m glad I read the book, and I’m looking forward to reading Sheva Conquers

Cool. Loved the novels and can’t wait to see the new one. I bought the game before I really knew anything about Iron Empires and the novels helped me understand the setting. Glad you (mostly) liked them too.

So did I, which is why I bought Faith Conquers. I definitely want to read Sheva’s War.

I think I liked Sheva’s War a bit more…though I did like the Firefight in Faith Conquers. You’re right. The BE maneuvers really do a good job of approximating comic book action. :slight_smile:

OK, the firefight in Faith Conquers was awesome, through and through.

Shiva’s War is better. Don’t get me wrong, Faith Conquers is pretty awesome but Chris’ storytelling gets a lot better between the two.

Just finished Sheva’s War, and you’re right, it is much better. It’s an extremely compelling story with awesome characters and an even better plot. And the art is just as gorgeous.

Gosh, I can’t wait for Void now!

I’m amazed that he managed to really sell the sort-of-hokey atmosphere only in valleys thing. I’m excited about Cormoran space battles and such but I’d almost like to see a story set on a zero-index world…or maybe an uprising on a Vaylen farm world where most of the residents don’t know they’re being farmed. So much to cover, so little of Mr. Moeller to go around…