[Realm Guard] No starting with Lore Master?

I notice that it’s not possible to use the recruitment rules to make a character with the Lore Master skill. In MG you can have Loremouse skill from the start (with a rating of 4 if I read correctly).
Is this deliberate because it’s sorta magic?
How would you se it being aquired in game? Practice during winter or Instruction?

Actually, that was an accidental omission between versions. (Sorry! Yet another thing to sort out in v1.7.) Recruitment existed right from v1.0, but some of the new Traits were introduced in v1.3 or v1.4… and I forgot to put them into Recruitment after the fact.

You can, indeed, have a Lore Master Ranger right from the start, both in terms of the skill and the trait!

Trait? As in Student of the Wise?
And Thanks for the response, I’ll factor that inn if I get to run RG before v.1.7.

Btw, I’ve started tinkering with Fate/Persona/Condition(maybe Item) cards for RG. If I find a way to upload them(made them on a terminal at work with restricted upload access), I’ll make a new thread about it.

Yup, that’s the one. Should be in the Recruitment section, also.

Definitely let me know what you come up with!