Realm Guard: Rangers of the North (v1.6)

I heard my name called, still need me to work on the sheet? I have not kept up with all the changes, so please give me a checklist (if you want me to update the sheet) so I can get to work on it.

d :smiley:

Yes, and thank you, damiller! We can start by getting your actual name so I can credit you. :slight_smile: I’ll send you a message with the few changes either tonight or tomorrow.

Uh, Rafe, I have an initial version of the Scale of Might illustration done.

I used stock photos in a couple of cases, if that’s alright? I tried to keep the various critters ‘to scale’ within a given tier, but obviously I couldn’t do so relative to other tiers. Anyways, let me know if you want anything tweaked, or I can supply you with a larger version so you can rearrange/scale things more easily.

That’s awesome, Morgan!! A slightly larger version would be fantastic, just in case I need to modify on the page itself. That looks just amazing!

Here’s to that, yes… very cool.

Thanks! I’ll get that to you ASAP.

I really like this hack, if I weren’t stuck in the ancient mediterranean cultures this is the hack I would be playing.

And for PDF advice, any of those would be received gratefully, especially advice useful not only in a specific application.