Realm Guard: Rangers of the North (v1.6)

Whew. Long lapse between updates. But here it is! It’s without images, but the size wasn’t greatly reduced, oddly. However, it’s a much smaller file. Enjoy the blandness!

Realm Guard: Rangers of the North v1.6

There will be 1 more version at least. I need to make the Dispo/Conflict Actions page consistent with the rest (two columns) and Locations of Interest are missing Conditions/Twists. I just didn’t have it in me to do it all in one go.

Oh, for interest’s sake:

v1.4: 491 downloads
v1.5: 1365 downloads

Crazy! Thanks for everyone’s support!

Ah crap. I’ll have to upload it again. Forgot the damn butterfly effect: Need Pete or damiller to update the character sheet (if they wouldn’t mind) and it’d be awesome if Pete could append it to the PDF. Stupid changes…

Sweet, good release there Rafe. I’ve been looking forward to this update :slight_smile:

I’ve already done the stitching locally as part of an - unreleased - blog entry about the new release. I’ll publish my post later tonight, which will also include a link to a ZIP file containing already-filled-in character sheets for the Rangers from the sample mission - because transcribing the ones from the text by hand is just painful - says the guy who has done it twice before for conventions. I ony got about half-way through the tedium of creating a form-fillable character sheet last night.

A fair whack of the formatting in the gazetteer section is mangled Rafe: the headings flow into the text, as opposed to being blocks on a new line.


What about those beautiful illustrations? They was really inspirational…

Realm Guard PDF with embedded character sheet . I don’t think this is the right way to go, since the size of the PDF balloons to 6 Megs because I’m working with a PDF made from a screenshot. Providing a link (URL) to the character sheet on the title page might be the better option.

Here is the standalone character sheet.

I’ll create a ZIP file containing filled-in character sheets for the characters from the sample Mission later tomorrow.


Do we need to have a PDF-making seminar?

Probably wouldn’t hurt.

Thing is, lots of people have only free tools.

I think I could still give some useful advice.

Fuck. Yes. Please. I’m a total InDesign newb. Anything I happen to know is rudimentary at best and learned on the fly to accomplish a minimum standard of quality. :slight_smile:

Pete, thanks for the go! Thing is, the character sheets needs to be updated to reflect the v1.6 changes to dispo and conflict actions. I need to beg damiller to give the sheet a tweak. Once that’s done, I’ll post the entire thing in full. Pete, I’ll check the headings. I know exactly what happened: I didn’t catch all the alterations when I went from manual layout to semi-auto text flow (thank you for the info on how to do that, Luke!). I need to go through it again, it seems.

Funyskywalker, yeah… I liked the images, too. However, they were a potential liability. I don’t want one of the artists to hit me with some legal doo-dad, so the best thing to do was to simply remove the images and keep the first page disclaimer saying the work was done without permission and no money was being made off the doc.

Pete, if you don’t mind, could you vet this? I think I’ve fixed those text oversights. Hopefully I got all of them. If I have, I’ll update my sig and the first post with this doc URL. Thanks a bunch!

Here’s a tentative yes from me to that offer.

Tentative only because of all the things I could do with Luke Crane, PDF-making is a low priority. There’s only one LC, Thor, Droz, PaulB, Rafe, Dwight, etc. and I’d prefer to game, trash talk, and down beer first. I’m sure there are loads of folks who can supply insight into PDF-making, if I would but get off my colonial arse.

It’s my hope that the above sentences are read charitably. I’m really not looking a gift-horse in the mouth Luke… if the gaming, trash talking and beer-downing happens first, then bring on the PDF-making insight, thank you :smiley:

Sure thing. I’m really only stepping up to the plate because I could… other folks with some actual publishing- and design-savvy certainly could do a better job.

I have given the updated text a quick once-over. It looks better, nice one.


Thanks, Pete! I’ll see if I can get in touch with damiller about character sheet tweaks and then we’ll sort it all out.

Hello Rafe, I must say I love your hack. I see your reasons for deleting the artwork from the pdf, but if you would like, I could help you with that.
For example, there is this picture I’ve done: and if you want, you can use it. I can send you via email the high res version, if you think it’s worth. I give you my full authorization to use it, besides, it was done after I tried Realm Guard.

Damn, man! That’s freakin’ great! Love the Seven Stars and White Tree tabard. Is your full name Tazio Bettin? Let me know if you want me to link people who download RG to your deviant art page or another site of yours so I can direct some traffic your way.

Thank you for your kind appreciation. Yes, my full name is Tazio Bettin.
Why no need to direct traffic to my page, it’s my pleasure to support indie games as much as I can. I’ve been working with some italian editions of indie rpgs like Polaris, Trollbabe and Kagematsu, with Christian Griffen on his Anima Prime, and I’m currently working with Jason Morningstar on a project of his.
I’d like to make a cover for Realm Guard. Maybe something not too different from the picutre you previously used: a scenario without people, or maybe with a couple rangers… any chances you may be interested?

I’m definitely interested, but I have to let you know up front (out of respect for your time and talents) that I have no money to commission anything. I wish I did! Times are lean for me at the moment.

Well it’s nice that you consider the idea of a reward but I actually never did. Would it work if I offered it as fan art?

No, what we call it doesn’t matter. Your work is great. The only thing I wanted you to know is that I would not be able to pay you for it, if you were ever looking for money. If you want to do it simply because you enjoy the game and want to help, I’d be extremely happy to accept anything you’d like to draw/paint! I just believe in being upfront about these things so there’s no misunderstanding. Sorry if I insulted you – it wasn’t my intent at all!

Huh? Not at all, sorry, maybe my facetious tone wasn’t clear, I should have added some emoticon :slight_smile:
Just pointing that it’s my pleasure. No offense at all, sorry for giving that impression!

It’s all good. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, Tazio!