Rebuying Skill Tools

What’s the Resources Ob for rebuying skill tools? GM damaged my cooking implements and I’m trying to replace them at the Dwarf Hold, but they keep trying to sell me thieves tools and writing kits. I know they gotta have some cooking gear here somewhere.

Excellent question!

I’d Circles up a cook in town to talk to them about where they got their kit, or maybe buy it from them or barter.

My sadistic side says Resources Ob is equal to half the Cook’s skill (rounded up). Because once you hit Cook 5, you’ll only cook with really nice pots and pans.

Try these on for size:
Ob 1 — Fisher tools

Ob 2 — Butcher tools, Cook tools, Dungeoneer tools, Hunter tools, Laborer tools, Peasant tools, Sailor tools, Smith tools, Survivalist tools

Ob 3 — Armorer tools, Carpenter tools, Cartographer tools, Jeweler tools, Sapper tools, Scholar tools, Stonemason tools, Tanner tools, Weaver tools

Ob 4 — Healer tools

Ob 5 — Criminal tools

Ob 6 — Alchemist tools, Arcanist tools, Enchanter tools, Ritualist tools


I’d also be tempted to do some Personal Business, and use the Scavenger skill (TB2 D p172), which looks like a Ob2 (ish) Scavenger test

  • Tools or gear (2)
  • Near Town (0)
  • Common item (0)
    … and maybe:
  • Evil GM Factor (1)

Twist: “Guards! Guards! That’s them, running off with my cookware collection!”
Condition: Afraid (someone’s bound to notice that I’ve nabbed their Alchemy Tools!)


Sure. You can also make your own tools. Smith is a great skill for making a lot of different tools.

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Thanks! We went with Ob 3, in the moment.

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