Recapping end of Maneuver stuff

One issue we had in our last game was that we sort of lost track of everything that happened at the end of each Maneuver. The end-of-maneuver stuff is spread throughout the book (as is the end-of-phase stuff).So, for my next game (worldburning this Friday!), I’ve put together a cheat sheet of everything that’s supposed to happen at the end of each Maneuver. I’m hoping we can just quick-quick talk through all the steps and actually do 2 maneuvers in a session.

Anyway, give it a quick look-over and let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.

End of Maneuver Cheat Sheet

1) Roll for the Maneuver

A) GM reveals his Maneuver
B) Roll for the Maneuver. Player who rolls is the character who played the most prominent roll in the previous Maneuver (usually the one who initiated a conflict). Die pool is comprised of:
· Skill you’re rolling against for the Maneuver
· FoRK dice from another listed Maneuver skill and/or a GM-approved Wise.
· Helping dice from other players who provided helping dice, linked test dice or a connection during any preceding scene of the Maneuver. Helping player must have one of the skills listed for the Maneuver or an appropriate wise.
· GM FoN receives Maneuver roll help if any other FoN or NPC appeared in the maneuver at all.
[FONT=Symbol]· Artha.
[/FONT]C) Compare results. Determine dispo changes and/or downtime.
D) Discuss sequel: Winner recaps what happened during Maneuver; loser discusses what they were trying to accomplish. If you won your scenes but lost the Maneuver, why?
E) If one side hit 0 dispo, the phase is over!

2) Award Artha

A) Fate (used to create open-ended rolls or force ammo check in a Firefight):
· Belief: 1 Fate for each Belief that served a purpose and drove the story forward
· Instinct: 1 Fate for each Instinct that was ignored and got the character into trouble.
· Trait: 1 Fate for each Trait that altered the storyline or got the character into trouble.
· GM engaged the player(s) with a scene. 1 Fate/Maneuver available to GMFoNs from each player.
· Right skill, right time: 1 Fate/Maneuver for the character who had the skill required to keep the story moving. Reward for good character burning.

B) Persona (used to gain +1D to any single test (max +3D), recover from a mortal wound, or get back up after being incapacitated):
· Embodiment: 1 Persona/Maneuver for a character who captured the mood with a great scene or performance.
· Moldbreaker: 1 Persona/Maneuver for a character whose Beliefs came into conflict, and that conflict was played out.
· Personal goal: 1 Persona/Belief that is fulfilled this Maneuver (this Belief may also be nominated to become a related character trait).
· Workhorse: 1 Persona to the PCFoN who was the most relied upon during the Maneuver. All players vote.
· MVP: 1 Persona/Maneuver to the PCFoN who drove the story the furthest forward. All players vote.

C) Deeds (double stat/skill/attribute roll, reroll all failed dice from one test):
· Winning the phase: Each character wins 1 Deeds when their side wins a Phase

3) Reassess Traits

A) Have you fulfilled a Belief? It may be elevated to a character trait. Requires unanimous vote.

4) Reassess Beliefs

A) Is your Belief being addressed or challenged?
B) Are you earning Fate and/or Persona for your Beliefs?
C) Have you earned Persona by completing a Belief?
D) Did you spend Persona or Deeds in a scene revolving around a Belief? Note it for the trait vote at the end of the Phase.

5) Reassess Instincts

A) Is the Instinct being used?
B) Are you earning Fate for going against the Instinct?
C) Did you spend Persona or Deeds in a scene revolving around an Instinct? Note it for the trait vote at the end of the Phase.

In 1B, you forgot about Artha, which can certainly add to your Maneuver roll.

Also, for #3, we didn’t do a Trait vote until the end of the Phase, though that may be a YMMV issue. (Personally, I’d like to see Trait votes more often, but perhaps once every 3-6 sessions, not every session.)

Otherwise, looks good.


Artha! Shit. Right. Slipped through the cracks (and is the fundamental driver of the economy, oops).

Trait vote: This one is all over the place, now that I look at it. Elevating a belief to a character trait happens after a maneuver, gaining and losing other traits happens after the phase. Good catch!


Great stuff, man. I’m excited to hear you’re world burning again!



Thanks Paul!

Groovy, thanks for posting it to the wiki. My first ever wiki content!

I’m doing something similar for the end of the Phase, since there’s stuff about nominating new reputations and new die/CO traits that’s spread around in the book. Any interest in me posting that up as well?


I know I’m interested. I loves me a checklist.

Oh yeah. A couple do-nothing lazy-ass heel-draggers can’t stop me!


Hey, Paul: I know you’re not there yet, but have you thought about an End of Phase cheat sheet? I was skimming my book today in prep for (hopefully) running Fires Over Omac tomorrow and I started noticing things like Affiliations and the like that get reviewed at the end of phases.

And, of course, there’d be a reminder to free up any Factions taken by either side.

Augh! I forgot about this, thanks. I’ll see if I can pull something together early next week.