Recluse Wizard and <Type> Wife or Bondsman

I am curious whether it is intended that if one of the various types of Wife or a Bondsman gains access to the Sorcery skill through their husband or master (respectively), that they meet the prerequisite for Recluse Wizard?

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I don’t think anyone will get bent out of shape over slightly misplaced threads.

That’s a neat way to sneak into sorcery through the back door. I’d be willing to allow it!

Yes, the “X Wife” and Bondsman lifepaths open many options.

There are two downsides, typically:

  • Since you’re not actually taking your spouse’s or master’s lifepath, you can’t use it to qualify for other LPs. Wizard’s Wife is great if it’s your only magic lifepath, but you can’t use it as a stepping-stone to another strong magic LP, so it doesn’t avail you much if you’re trying to be make a dedicated sorcerer.
  • Resource points tend to be lower. For magic LPs, this is how you buy spells.

Still a great choice. And one that often leads to characters slightly outside of the usual fantasy-fiction mold.

Bondsman and Wife can get your sorcery, but without the gifted trait it isn’t going to get you much.

Yup. I think Recluse Wizard is the only upper tier sorcery LP that gives you Gifted. As such, it seems like the best way for Wives, Bondsmen, Augurs, and the rare Cultist -> Rogue Wizard to develop their magical potential without needing a(nother) lower tier “apprentice” LP.

In fact, I think Recluse Wizard might be the only LP I know of other than Cavalryman that requires a specific skill rather than a specific LP.

Discussion is to use wife to get Sorcery to qualify for Recluse Wizard, which gives Gifted…

Nice path to get there. I like it! I love the little twists of setting that come out through the lifepaths, not sure if this was an intentional one, or an emergent one, but either way, it’s nice.