Recording Difficult stat tests for Opening skills with twin stat roots

Hmmm, this is an interesting situation. I only just realised when cleaning up my character sheet.

Through being possessed by a summoner, my non-gifted PC in Burning Kaladrums was granted the opportunity to begin opening the skill without a teacher, along with Circination. Circination is a Per/Agi Root, and my stats are 6/5, making it root 2. The base obs for Circination for summons of the Restless dead are at Ob4, which is a Routine test for Perception and a Difficult one for Agilty. Do I record the tests for Circination or Agility or both?

Depends on whether you’re rolling your Perception or your Agility for the Beginner’s Luck test.

I always assumed you’d roll the average of the two stats.

It’s mentioned on page 49. I suppose that rule could also do with a mention in the Testing your Abilities section, too.

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Beginner’s Luck, p. 49: “For skills with two roots, choose which stat to take the test on.”

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Well, I’d been playing it wrong, but at least I’ve eared a couple Agility tests instead.