Recording of Mercy at Gencon 09

I have a slightly over 4 hr recording of the Mercy scenario at Gencon this year. You can hear everyone (there is some background noise from other games though). Is anyone interested in cleaning this up and putting it somewhere? If not I’ll prob just glean what I can from it and dump it.

I’m not interested in the audio, but can you provide a link for “Mercy” please?

i might be. how big is the file?

I’ll have to get it downloaded to my Mac. It’s over 4 hrs recorded using the voice memo feature on an iPhone 3GS.

when you get it on your mac, put it here:

and i’ll see about getting it cleaned up and hosted

Sounds good. Thanks.

I searched this forum and the wiki and couldn’t find the “Mercy” scenario. Is it publicly available somewhere?

Hi Scott

Mercy is our newest Burning Empires scenario. It has not yet been posted to the wiki.

We try to design new BW and BE scenarios each con season. We then hold them for a year and release them the following year. However, we’ve fallen a bit behind over the past couple years and we actually have a backlog of scenarios for both games to post.

Cleaning them up and posting them is one of the things we hope to do once the con season ends.

I’ve got in on my Mac at home. Does anyone know how to get it out of iTunes?

the easiest way would be to just drag it to your desktop

Select the item.
Press command+R.
You’ll jump out into your finder and into the folder in which the item is located.

Saint&Sinner thanks for working on getting the recording out. I really want to hear how things transpired after I had to leave the game session.


You can use it in that format?

Thanks! I look forward to checking it out. I ran “Omac” four times and saw lots of room for improvement (but it did it’s job well, overall).

Yeah. We retired Omac very quickly. That’s why it’s posted. We still have to post Wolves in the Throne Room and No Exit, along with Mercy.

i have itunes, so i should be able to import it easily enough

are you still wanting to get this out?

I’m trying to figure out what went wrong. I only have about 1/3 of the session. :confused:

Oh snap!!!

If you can’t get the rest of it would you be willing to provide a brief synopsis of what transpired?