Recovering from Tired through Generosity

Mouse Guard, page 128: “Fatigue can be dealt with in two ways: either a good night’s rest, or with an Ob 3 Health test. . . . You can a good night’s rest from the generosity of your friend, your parents, Gwendolyn or through an Ob 2 Resources test for a night at the inn.”

I assume that, while one doesn’t have to test to recover from tired when relying on the generosity of family or friends, it still costs a check in the Players’ Turn to have a scene with those characters to secure succor. This came up in my game last night.

It doesn’t. It’s a special rule for relationships. There is no roll of the dice.

Thanks. To be clear: The player simply can say that he’s staying with his parents without having to spend a check to have a scene with them. Is there some free play that occurs here?

Yes, but in order to gain the full benefit of the recovery, the player must fall asleep and achieve REM before waking and continuing with the mission.

I’ll make sure the healthy mice set a watch over their sleeping patrol mates to ensure restful slumber.

First mouse asleep gets his paw in warm water!

No, not the mouse – THE PLAYER.

Same thing in our Mouse Guard LARP.

Oh right. Duh.

This reply, to another post, clears up a lot.

Glad to help in a totally oblivious way.

I think I like your sense of humor.

Ha, I’m fairly confident I was the one being oblivious.