Recovering taxed resources


Perhaps I have missed a rule or am looking at things from the wrong way but recovery of resources seems very odd. Say I’m 1D taxed and have the skills ditch-digging and gemcraft. So I can choose either to roll an ob2 test, and it doesn’t matter at all which it is? I know resources isn’t just money, but surely an exotic and skilled magical gemcrafter should earn more/recover faster than a ditch-digger? Please shed some light on this for me,


RAW, they’re the same. Nevertheless, Tasks have to make sense within the context of their stated Intents. This is a hard and fast rule. A king resorting to Ditch Digging to replenish the royal coffers would likely be met with the GM Veto (from me at least). Less extreme cases might receive an ob penalty. Do what makes sense within the firction; disallow things that don’t make sense within the fiction. In general, I’d rule that recovering a taxed dies should be subject to more restrictions skill-wise if it’s the 6th die of a B6 resources than if it’s only the second die of a B2 resources.

Resources are very abstracted in BW and a job is a job is a job when it comes to replenishing resources. If it helps you in the fiction, think of the costs of doing business. Ditch digger has to pick up a shovel and get to work. Gem crafter has to buy a gem, spend quite a bit of time on delicately shaping it, maintain his workshop and tools and find a buyer. At the end of all that, you might find yourself only a little ahead of where you started. Besides, you are also assuming that your gemcraft roll represents crafting grand pieces for the nobility as opposed to filling in for some master’s apprentice who went missing doing the grunt work.

yup. It’s just a job. You’re not doing anything glamorous for 1D of taxed resources.