Recovering your old accounts

Hi folks!

We’re so happy to have you all back! To recover an old account, you should be able to use the “forgot password” link in the login form. If for some reason you don’t get the email, or if you no longer have access to your old email address, please email us at and we’ll do our best to get you sorted.

Important note: It seems Hotmail/Outlook is blocking these emails currently. I’m doing what I can to fix that, but we may need to change your email address in your account in the meantime.

Yahoo and Verizon are also delaying our mail, it turns out they don’t like when a site sends dozens of similar emails in a short period of time.

UPDATE 13 Feb 2019: This hopefully is resolved now.


I have returned!

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I got into some sort of weird ‘reset your password! Your password is reset! Reset your password!’ loop, so I just made a new account. Not that I was an integral part of the old community or anything, but I was AnyaTheBlue in case it was important.

I think I have fixed this. I’m trying to resend the ones I know bounced, but please try again if you have a hotmail/outlook/verizon/yahoo account.

Sorry for posting in the wrong subsection, I couldn’t find an appropriate one. Is there a section to talk about this forum? To make suggestions or report bugs?

So, first suggestion: Create a section in BWHQ subforum to talk about this forum.
Second suggestion: Make external links open in a new window by default.

Opening links is a setting on your user preferences page. Apparently I needed to have changed the default before I imported the old forums. I can’t feasibly change the preference for everyone.

Other suggestions you may post under “polite inquiries”.

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