Recruitment restrictions

A question about recruitment: when going through the different lists of questions, depending on how you answer you can’t take a certain trait. Is that only for character creation? Or is that forever? That is, could you later earn one of those traits?

I would say it can be earned later, as mice change over time, and if someone grants you Bold or Fearless due to your play style…

I agree. A trait can later be earned if you’re “sponsored” for that trait in the Winter Session.

I would have to agree with the previous two posters. The primary reason for this post is to say: Rafe, I love your avatar. Did you draw it?

Heh Thanks. No, I didn’t draw it. It’s part of cover art for a small band (whose name I can’t remember right now).

It’s from MC Frontalot’s most recent album: Final Boss.

Thanks, amnesiack. Couldn’t remember the name and couldn’t find its mention where I’d found it before.