Recruitment & Sample Characters

Are the sample characters for the “Delivering the Mail” and “Trouble In Grasslake” missions meant to be the equivalents of new characters made using the Recruitment rules?

I was going through them to cement things in my head and started noticing that there are Patrol Guards and Guardmice in there with 3 traits. I want to make sure I’m not missing something in the Recruitment chapter that would allow that to happen for a starting character.

I really don’t remember. I think they are straight burns, but the rules changed so many times something might have slipped through. Best example for use of the Recruitment rules is in the Recruitment section.


Interestingly, the character that is shown being created step-by-step in the Recruitment chapter is Baron, one of the sample characters for “Delivering the Mail.” The first flag that jumped out to me when going over the sample characters earlier was “Why does Baron only have two traits when all the other sample characters have three?”

Indeed, my playtest character (one of the samples in there) was created with somewhat different trait rules in effect. I think at the time there was just one list, and all mice got two picks?