Red Dragon, with a twist: Æglæckír

Hey folks!

We’ve now finished playing through the Tree of Yðunn scenario, and there’s a fun dragon in there (well, two, but let’s not digress).

I used the Red Dragon stats (Scholars, p193), but I was looking to flavour her a bit, to make her a very memorable experience.

With that in mind, I turned to Monstrous (from Cloud Curio).

Assume that the following should be read alongside the Red Dragon stats.

Name: Æglæckír
Type: Dragon
Titles: The Wisest, She Who Holds Death at Bay, the Red Sun, The Ruby Tears, the Blood Rain
Nature: 12
Might: 6
Precedence: 6

Special Rules:

Æglæckír harbours a deep pride in knowledge leading her to hoard maps, books, spell books and the skulls of magic users.

You may appeal to this vanity by doing one of the following:
• Convincingly praise Æglæckír with elaborate honorifics specific to her vanity and the history of her former deeds.
• Present Æglæckír with a fabulous gift appropriate to her hoard.
• Provide comfort to Monwír
• Provide proof of the death of / vengeance against Hreithmarr and Andvarri.

One or two failed attempts give Æglæckír the upper hand in attempts to parley with her when using Serpent’s Tongue. Further failed attempts will awaken her Slumbering Cataclysm.

Serpent’s Tongue
When Æglæckír and a mortal parley, they ask each other a question.

Æglæckír must answer truthfully, and even unwisely, if the mortal has successfully appealed to her Vainglory. The mortal must make a new appeal to Æglæckír’s Vainglory for each additional question they wish to ask.

The mortal must answer truthfully, and even unwisely, if they fail to answer Æglæckír’s riddle first, or if they have failed an attempt to appeal to her Vainglory.

Ruinous Breath
When Æglæckír has recently consumed the soul of another, her expelled breath corrupts and corrodes the body of those before it, rending them into their Fylgja form.

Ageless Scales
Æglæckír is coated with nigh-indestructible scales of red garnet chips. No mortal weapon can pierce them.

However, her scales are marred by Nothung, the dragon-slaying spear, embedded in her back left leg, the mark of a gruesome battle lost to history.

Slumbering Cataclysm
When violently awakened from its slumber or moved to great anger, Æglæckír descends upon a mortal civilization and utterly destroys a settlement before returning to her lair.

Æglæckír repeats this destructive act on a new target every day thereafter. Her path of destruction can only be ended by slaying Æglæckír or by saving her mate Monwír.


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