So do you guys have any rules for having characters like squirrels or chipmunks in the Guard? Like Redwall? Nothing crazy, just one or no steps higher on the natural order scale. I’m mainly thinking of chipmunks and squirrels. (Posting in recruitment because I’m thinking of how to make them). And I’m saying that they are like mice and weasels where they have “human” traits. (Skills, traits, not just a nature).

If you were going for a Redwall setting, I would just give mice different nature based on what animal they were (because all the characters in Redwall are pretty much on the same natural order) and run with it.

Agreed. The only exception to this would likely be badgers, who (in the books at least) are generally considered the biggest and baddest of all the varmints. But then, they don’t typically inhabit Redwall Abbey, so it’s an easy call to not include them.

The inhabitants in Redwall aren’t much different in terms of strength, just more of their talents and vocations are different. This would be kind of similar to the hometown portion of the Recruitment process, and you could probably use that as a decent guide (otters would have similar skills available as Guardmice from Port Sumac, moles from Copperwood, etc.) without many tweaks.

I think the biggest thing would be determining which species would have the lowest Nature (and most warrior-like) and highest. Off the top of my head, I would think rabbits/squirrels/otters highest and hedgehogs/moles/mice lowest? I’m not sure how would be the best way to handle it, as you wouldn’t want a large range of starting Nature ratings. Maybe start with either 3 or 4 and keep the questions as they are?

I am not going for a Redwall setting I’m going for squirrels in recruitment. And I had already figured out that if I ran Redial I would just use Nature (Abbeybeast). How do different races work in Torchbearer?

The races in Torchbearer are very different - they basically function concurrently as character classes, with specific skills and different Nature descriptors for each. It’s not outside of the realm of possibility to apply in this case, but it would require more heavy lifting and would be a considerably different process than tweaking the Mouse Guard recruitment rules.

I will get Torchbearer and modify it so I have Redial.