Region: Stroms

This is the map I made up in Hexographer for our game tonight. I let it randomly generate an 18x20 hex map, and then just plopped the stuff in “Prepare Thyself” down in regions that made sense. I will admit that some of the city/town names are silly! I’m hoping I can plug it into Middarmark when that is done.

Olbo - Religious Bastion
Borgeim - Metropolos
Aagestrekke - Wizard’s Tower
Karsand - Busy Crossroads
Tronnanger - Remote Village
Duggorhall - Dwarven Halls
Syranoth - Elfhome

I like it, and it’s very old school. The Skein River looks impossible, though. Syranoth is in a mountain range, and it looks like the Skein flows up into the range and then back down into the Sandow Sea.

Looks like it’s right from the good parts of Mystara. I love the goofy names.

I used to be suspicious of rivers flowing through mountain ranges until I moved to Portland OR, though from back East, the New River flows through the Appalachians for another example. Then there’s Natural Tunnel State Park in Virginia where the river bore a hole through a ridge.


Caves and crevasses guys! I’m figuring the river flows through some good underground channels and crap like that. I have some ideas for some boat/river-based, underground adventures.