Remixes - Burning THAC0?

Y’all excuse me here. I love remixing games. Playing torchbearer adventures in B/X - playing AD&D modules in Harnmaster (never goes well haha). Adding Dungeon World Fronts where they don’t belong - but I digress.

If I were say playing the Dread Crypt of Skogenby with Burning Wheel and wondering about Haathor-Vash? Would Haathor-Vash have the Spirit Nature trait? Would a B/X Wight (who is only harmed by magic) have the Spirit Nature trait though they are corporeal entities?

Or is there a different trait I should be looking at?

Again please forgive me, Im a bit of a mad man.


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Spirit Nature or Shadow and Dust.
The Monster Burner Vampyr or the Koscista Noga have some interesting ideas.


Spirit Nature for wights is nicely spooky!

You might give them only the invulnerability aspect (save for Spirit Weapons) if you wanted them to be more corporeally bound. Maybe as a 6 or 7 point trait? :thinking:


*Spoiler warning to anyone who hasn’t rad or played Dread Crypt of Skogenby yet. *

I would also consider adding the Poltergeist trait from the Summoning chapter of the Codex or something similar. Maybe Amulet Bound plus Shadow and Dust?

She’s a ghost with no physical body. Very strong in the Otherworld but she either can’t manipulate the physical realm or can only do so with great difficulty. That’s why she possesses those who have robbed her and hold her grave goods (her amulets).

She cannot leave her bones/remains without a host body, but can choose to perceive anything near her grave goods (like a stolen torc or armband).

That said, the power is limited. She can only possess one being at a time and/or cast her senses out to one object at a time. i.e., she can possess Jora Or possess a PC OR listen in to the PCs via a stolen torc. This means that she’s only likely to release Jora to do one of these things while the girl is trapped in her throne room so she can’t escape.

In her view, Jora is a thief and deserves punishment, but she’ll gladly move on to a new thief with a more suitable body.

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