replenishing your memorized prayers [ questions ]


I have a couple of questions:

  1. does memorized prayers stays memorized in camp phase?

Assume: Yes (unless invoked)

  1. lost memorizing(theologian) test can easily lead to accumulating obs, if GM start intentionally choose other alignment prayers?

as checking memorized prayer alignment come after and it doesn’t say it matter who picked them.


P.S. Attuning ritual is check at camp and 1 cost at town? (only once mentioned in book)

By the time I have several other versions have to rule this.
Or hack this as I’m a little confused of correct interpretation.

btw quote-correction: “atonement ritual (Ritualist test with an obstacle equal to the current penalty)”.

Hi Martin,

Some answers to your questions.

So the ruling to question 1) is not clear. As its an item in your spell inventory that does not need refill I would allow to keep an uninvoked prayer. But as a player I would be interessted at a free Theologian skill.
You are right that 2) might be a possible solution. But after your GM gives you a wrong mayority you could perform a atonement ritual. You should be able to succeed an Ob 1 Ritualist test.

As atonement is a Test, it cost 1 check or is 1 cost in town.


Thanks Max!

Ob.1! Missed that crucial detail. Takes away tooth from that GM strategy.

As a GM I would also use a missed prayer for maybe helping the cleric by showing him how useful some of his unused prayers are… If I want to give a penalty a condition might be better.