Reputations Affecting Skills

Can Reputations affect skill rolls?

If you have the Rep: Mean Mofo (+1D) would this affect intimidation rolls?

I was in orbit trying to talk the Admiral into backing me when things got hot, and I was not sure I could use my Reputations and Affiliations.

I did not think my Affils would assit the rolls, but I was not sure about the Reps?

I believe those translate into advantage dice at the GMs decree.

Affiliations and Reputations only affect Circles rolls. You may have the reputation, but your actual skills dictate whether you can back it up. But yes, the GM could grant Advantage at his discretion.

“You talk the talk. Can you walk the walk?”

LOL, I just posted the same question to the BW forum …LOL.

I often do this when appropriate and the roleplaying is there. As I mentioned in the other thread I guess this is just a “house rule” sort of thing. It doesn’t really change the game if it counts as your limit to one skill/one wise rule (it counts as a skill). Sure you could put it in as an advantage die but I think there are far more interesting ways to bring in the advantage die instead of just by nature of you being a badass.