Rescue at the Isle of Andros

Last session ended in Sandmason with the group bringing in refugees. The players are playing as Dain and Quentin.

The next mission will be about rescuing Kenzie’s patrol from a nearby small island. This patrol has not appeared so far but Kenzie is listed as a friend. Kenzie had been given a mission to capture the lost informant Keemy who was known to be hiding on the Isle of Andros. But Keemy has been spotted by villagers and the patrol has not been heard from.

The town assigns Abram, the lighthouse keeper with a bad limp and oldfur attitude to show the patrol the way to the island and at the same time reclaim his lighthouse now that it’s spring.

So the first obstacle is reclaiming the lighthouse. Keemy the informant is hiding inside but at the same time a shrike will come down wanting to eat a mouse.

Abram will need help or he’ll be eaten.
Keemy will run for it and if not pursued he’ll esacpe.

Which will they do? We’ll do either choice as a conflict.

The conflict with the bird will have death at stake. The patrol will know this before they decide.

After this scene the patrol will need to cross the lake which is a wilderness obstacle. Abram will help them build a boat if he is able. If this is failed I’ll introduce a weather twist. The clouds twist and winds blow and we’ll do a conflict to get across the water.

Finally there are the bandits on the island. We’ll do a vs test here and a condition if the test is failed. Kenzie’s patrol is rescued!

Then we do the player’s turn.

If the team have any checks and they want to track down Keemy we can do a scout vs nature test.

If they want to do that before going to the island then I’m not sure what to do.

I say that it’ll jeopardize the mission and then when they’re next at the lighthouse or whatever they’ll see the bandits escape with the patrol in a boat on the horizon…

Dain’s belief is “Reason is the best guide to good action.” He’ll have his reasoning tested when he decides on the choice whether they both work on the bird or the fugitive or split up.
Quentin’s belief is “All options must be explored for the good of the guard.” I want to bring the fate of the informant into the picture. Will he accept that this mouse will likely be tortured for the good of the guard.

''Abram will need help or he’ll be eaten.
Keemy will run for it and if not pursued he’ll esacpe.

Which will they do? We’ll do either choice as a conflict.’’

Aaah, a painful but good choice.

I ran this last night.

Quentin stayed to fight the shrike. Dain chased Keemy.

Quentin brought on a draw by blowing all his fate and persona. So we gave Abram all conditions and denied his aid for the rest of the mission and Quentin hungry, tired and injured. The player managed a feint by shining the lighthouse lamp into the eyes of the shrike.

Dain lost Keemy but with the compromise he asked for a bonus die to tracking down his hideout later. Keemy got his foot stuck in some honey after he got no successes on a feint to push a beehive onto Dain, so the honey would trail back to the secret place.

The players were coming up with loads of bullshit plans after that to get to the island and beat the bandits. I don’t know why they thought that any of the plans were clever! They were talking about changing the circumstances of the situation through vague and unhelpful ways. I had to invoke the No Weasels rule which they didn’t like. The mission failed when I described the bandits leaving the island. I think his came across as a “This’ll show them…” move.

I said afterwards that it’s best to use these plans on the fly within the context of a conflict. I mean I allowed the lighthouse scene and even let the player test scientist for the feint because it fitted the actions being described.