Resource Points for a "library"?

Just wondering… what would a “library” be considered - trying to burn up an “old thinker”: a crazy old codger who spends his winter years cooped up in his musty library…

Was thinking about something like a workshop (although research/history/etc doesn’t need a workshop)…

any ideas?

Forgive me, it is late, and I don’t have my BWG in front of me, but I think I would probably rule a library a workshop for point expenditure purposes.

They don’t require tools, but any non-crazy GM is going to expect you to have something to do research from. A library would do nicely, and workshop pricing fits. (Actually, that’s generous. A library cost far more than a blacksmith’s shop.)

You could do something semi-fiddly where the base cost gets a reasonable library with mostly general knowledge books for researching and what not. Anything beyond that might be extra resource points. Specific subjects and the like.

Ummm, yeah. If we’re sticking with the implied 12th century medieval period, a library would be worth astronomically more.