Resource tax

p. 28. Treasure and cash dice can be spent even when Resources is 0 or taxed.

It seems to imply that “taxed” is something different than just lowered resources. It is specially confusing for BW players when “taxed” resources and lowered resources aren’t the same.

Got it.

Advancing resources is a little confusing to me. You have to fail tests in order to advance your Resources, but failing a Resources test reduces your Resources…

I guess that’s why using treasure dice reduces tax penalties?

Only if it does. You might just wind up Angry at having to pay so much, or maybe you have to escape the merchant’s burly cousin, because your broke self was “obviously” trying to pull something.

I had that realization myself last night. Treasure is required if you want your adventurer to establish a strong Resources score and retire to the quiet life. Yet another way in which the game rules push the characters into plumbing horrifically dangerous places in search of treasure!