I started a city adventure. The player has Resources B0. How can he advance his resources?

I see get a job as an option but that only applies to replenishment. To recover 1D the obstacle for whatever skill he uses to test is 1 plus the dice lost. I guess that means that his obstacle is ob1 to earn 1d resources?

Nah, Resources is an exception to not being able to test an ability at B0. You just need some cash or a fund, then you can test and (hopefully) advance to B1.

EDIT: That’s on page 37 BWGR, by the way. Page 373 describes that one successful test will push Resources from B0 to B1.

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You are correct - Advancing from B0 to B1 Resources is an Ob 1 test; You can get cash dice from anything you can conceivably do to earn money. Right a believe about it! Staying out of poverty sounds like a great artha farm.

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Totally! The character is a city born, student, confidence man. An idealist who hates the cities grinding corruption and injustice. He’s currently working a hustle to steal some high end venison (the world is weirdly distopian, like Duskvol in Blades, a city state with miles of sickening Swampland beyond its high walls. venison is a rare delicacy.) so that he can sell it to the chamberlain of a noble house for their daughter’s wedding.


That sounds like a lot of fun, man!

This is correct, but resources advances like a skill. So getting cash or funds will allow the player to test resources, to purchase something, and if they succeed on the roll they will advance resources from 0 to 1.

Which is important because if they get 1D cash, roll vs ob1 and fail, they don’t advance resources, and are also taxed at B0 res, so should lose something important to them. It’s part of the BW crushing poverty at low res.

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You might have to steal enough until you can pawn the goods and get some cash on hand. That can be used to test. Who would have thought that poverty would lead to desperate crimes?!

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