Retouching Magical Items

Some time ago I read mykelsss thread of magic items and got the same impression than him about the magic items given in the book being kind of “flat.” Personally I think of magical items not only as cool ways of giving the characters a bonus but also to give them the chance of thinking “outside the box”, promoting the Good Idea rule or using their hard earned items in creative ways.

I won’t go on creating cool items like mykelsss did ('cause I’m a lazy bastard) but I will retouch some of the book items that caught my attention.

Vampiric Sword (formerly Blood-Seeking Sword)
This black iron sword reeks with smell of rust and blood.
Level: 3
Effect: +1D to Attacks in kill conflicts in addition to normal Sword benefits.

The vampiric sword will absorb the blood spilt on its surface up to two draughts. Any surplus blood will spout over the blade. When full the sword gets so heavy that needs to be carried with both hands. Its content’s can be emptied at will by their owner.
Inventory: Hands/carried 1 (2 when full) or belt/weapon 1.
Type: Magical weapon.

Aether-Silk Gloves (formerly Burglar’s Gloves)
These net gloves are made from an almost invisible thread, woven from an Aethereal Spider’s web.
Level: 1
Effect: +1D to Criminal tests involving sleight of hand, picking pockets, picking locks and escaping bonds. The silk gloves grant the wearer the ability to turn their hands and any small item he carries (pack 1 or less) completely ethereal for mere seconds.

Inventory: Hands/worn 2.
Type: Magical clothing.

Gobble Bag (formerly Haversack of Holding)
This small pouch is fashioned to represent an obese bullfrog.
Level: 2
Effect: this pouch appears no bigger or heavier than any other belt pouch, but offers three slots rather than one. Any organic item (like rations, some supplies or wood) will be devoured by the gobble bag in a day, forever disappearing from this world.

Inventory: Worn/default slot.
Type: Magical equipment.

Please let me know if you find these items too powerful. Also I’d like to see your own reinterpretations of the magical items presented in the book!

Stay cool :cool: