Riding Ducks FTW

You asked for the riding ducks, you got them!


Now waiting for ducklances :stuck_out_tongue:

David Petersen - Making non-canon illustration canon just for your ranting needs.


Shouldn’t Sydney write up some Ariel Combat Rules?

Why do we need special rules just for fighting Ariel?


First MG game I ran was Deliver The Mail and it got a little silly. On the players turn they used to Duck-Wise to talk a duck into flying back to the raven’s nest and then proceeded to have a dog fight with the raven to get the mail they lost back. Including one mouse jumping in midair from the duck to the raven. Epic.


That’s quite creative, like it :slight_smile: The patrol I’m GM:ing has a member that’s good at Loremouse and has some relevant wises. I wonder how long it will take until they figure out something like this…

Nice one! Can you tell us how you went about ruling this stunt? What skills did they have to use and what Ob did you set?

I’d say Loremouse Ob4 according to the factors(Beasts of feather).
Then, persuader v. Duck nature. Since I don’t see duck in the book, (what’s up with that?) pretend it’s a Goose. Aggressive nature. The gooses goal is to aggressively fend the mice of, and the mice’s goal is to calm it enough for them to get on it’s back.
Then I would make them do a pathfinder for piloting it to the crow nests at Ob 6 according to the factors(a short journey, blazing a new trail).


Loremouse Ob4

Persuader v. 8

Pathfinder Ob 6

Obviously I think this should be an extremely hard thing to do. I like to make my games somewhat realistic. I I’m already thinking up great twists and conditions incase they fail any of these.

I’m assuming it was simpler in Victor’s game, but I’ve always been a pretty mean GM.

And why can’t I find duck in the book? Luke?!? What would you guys suggest using in place of duck? Goose? Or is there a hack for the Ducks?