Riding gear, barding, mounted combat

Hey, guys:

Burning up a character with a mount.

  1. What’s the rp cost for the riding gear (bit, bridle, saddle and stirrups)? Or is it included in the price of the mount? (Specifically, for horses.) If not, is it included in traveling gear cost?

  2. Is the cost for barding the same as that in the Mount burner? (i.e. 2xrp of character armor)?

  3. Penalties for mounted combat training. If you and your mount do not have the training, you take the ob penalty. How about if 1 has it? If say, character doesn’t but Warhorse does? Penalty only to rider’s actions, but not to horse’s? What about vice versa? Penalty only to horse? Or am I just misreading and penalty applies unless BOTH have it. (feels like this one is the right one.)


  1. Comes with the horse
  2. sure
  3. Whatever you think is reasonable there. The more important thing is making the riding test to control the mount in combat.

Thanks, Luke!