Rise of the Runelords, is it possible?

Is it feasible to use Torchbearer to play a more modern Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons campaign?

I’ve been very tempted to play Rise of the Runelords ever since I started playing, but d20 never did sit very well with me.

What is your opinion on using other games campaigns in Torchbearer?

In RotRL I feel there’ll be a bit of a disconnect when Sandpoint is such a hostile place for the PC’s? Perhaps if most PC’s have Sandpoint as their home-town?

RAW does the game allow for role-play in town that bypasses the rules for Lifestyle costs?

For example, the whole party sleeping in the stables of one PC’s parents house for free?

RAW you can enter the adventure phase to do roleplaying in town if that seems appropriate. Oh, you mean can they use good ideas or skill checks to bypass lifestyle costs… I don’t see why not, it’s in RAW but seems pretty straightforward.

As for porting RotR to Torchbearer: It’s doable.

Just remember that whereas PF tends to have a really high combat bent, and there are a few situations where the fight must go a certain way (opponent runs) that Torchbearer has its own way of handling Conflict that might make for some differences. The angry dog-thing in the first dungeon, for example, will feel very different.

What do you mean it is in RAW?

Is bypassing lifestyle costs by good ideas and role-playing in RAW?

Oh, I absolutely wouldn’t expect the same tone.
I’d just be into using the same plot hooks, story arcs, maps and NPC’s.

See The Good Idea​, page 117.