Hello guys,

Need a help from you all…

In our game scenario we use almost all magical options that exist in the BW: Magic Burner (BW:MB from now on), with some requiring Traits to access, others just the proper skill and so on… mostly just like the BW:MB

But there is some issues, the scenario was previously created to be used on GURPS, so some Magical ideas were created and modeled using the GURPS Thaumaturgy, in this case the sensible point of post are Rituals / Ritual Magic…

We created some magical powers for the game that could only be casted after a huge amount of time, preparation and materials, more or less like a recipe… Those Rituals would create effects such a water purification magic, closing portals, creating portals (really hard to get this one), mending broken things, enchanting, brewing potions and oils, necromancy… etc…

Some of those abilities are covered in BW:MB… for example Necromancy and Enchanting cover a lot of our Rituals ideas… Even the Water Purification we use like a Enchanting process, like you enchant an item and then trow it on the water and “zabum” you get you purificated water, for example.

But some of those like Closing/Opening Portals we didn’t manage to cover with the options on BW:MB

So I would like some ideas, should we use Enchanting for those Rituals, and let’s say use a enchanted a key, so that key could be used to close a portal… or Sorcery? Or create a whole new magical ability?

I know that in the end all ends with my and my group personal opinion, but anyway I would like to see if you guys have already passed to some situation like this, and how you guys manage to fix it?

A couple of ideas:

  1. Treat these Ritual Spells as Abstractions, substitute the “spellweaving” (Will+Skill) as a Linked Test with the results (hopefully successes) from Ritual Skill adding to the Sorcery test.
    Doing raw abstractions takes a very long time, and you could even mandate an increased casting time to lower the spell obstacle.

  2. Art Magic could be used

  3. Require a Ritual roll to cause a Faith like effect (calling on specific supernatural entities could require specific rituals to garner their favor).

Sorry for the huge delay on checking this message was on a trip for work purposes and didn’t manage to check back into the forum…

Thanks Larkin for the idea… I like the first idea… it’s like more open ended in my opinion… I think we will probably use a bit of enchanting ideas… plus the abstractions option you gave!

thanks a lot!!!

Good Luck, and Good Gaming in the coming year!