RnC Hold Maneuver Question

Hello All,

Disclaimer up front: I did try to search for this and came up empty.

I’m working on some maneuver cards for my group, which is forcing me to scrutinize all the moves a little more thoroughly as I try to summarize them to fit on the cards. The Hold move is confusing me now that I read the text more closely. Under Hold, on page 414, it states, “… you always shoot, even if you lose the maneuver test. If you win the maneuver test, you get a free shot in addition to your other actions.”

So if my team loses the test, we all still get to shoot, right? If we win the test, we all still get to shoot, and we get a free shot. But what is the benefit of this free shot if any single bowman can only take one shot per volley? They all get to shoot already, so the free shot seems wasted. One explanation I can think of is that the “shot” you get no matter what from Hold is actually the equivalent of an extra success that you can spend on action. So when you get the free shot from winning, you can assign it to someone, and that bowman could then use his Hold “shot” on a different action, like taking cover, etc.

Or is the appropriate interpretation that Hold just gives you one free shot no matter what, not that it lets the whole team shoot, and if you win, you get an additional free shot? That would make sense too.

I believe that is correct- it’s one free shot, not a free shot for each team member.

Edit: This thread (https://www.burningwheel.com/forum/showthread.php?14463-Range-amp-Cover-A-couple-of-questions) cover this issue, the post by Thor says it’s one free shot at each opposing team. So one free shot total if only two teams are involved.

I found that thread, read Thor’s post, and totally failed to register it. Guess that wraps this up. Should I just delete the thread?