Robin Narrows, "The Quarterling"

Robin Oakfoot, aka Robin Narrows, The Quarterling

Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar (Will 5, Health 3)
Age: 28

Concept: Halfling burglar whose family’s Hobbitt-ness has forced him into changing his ways and means of income.

Home: Remote Village

Belief: “I will one day rescue my family from the poverty into which they have driven themselves.”

Instinct: “Always try to save a little for another day.”

Hidden Depths 1
Skinny 1 (“Why, he’s half of a halfling!”)

It Just Needs A Little Salt-Wise

Carpenter 2 (Remote Village)
Cook 3
Criminal 3
Fighter 3
Haggler 2 (Social Graces)
Hunter 2
Scout 2
Scavenger 3 (Specialty)

Nature 4 (Sneaking, Riddling, Merrymaking)

  • Do you eat 2nd Breakfast or Tighten Your Belt? Tighten your belt.
  • Do you stand and fight or hide? Stand and fight.
  • Would you rather be at home or on the adventure? Home.

Circles 4
Do you have Friends? Yes, Rahul (Leader of bandit gang)
Do you have Parents? Yes, the Oakfoots, Carpenters.
Do you have a Mentor? No.
Do you have Enemies? Yes, Lord Amarin the Constable

Head - Worn: Helmet
Hands - Worn: Gloves
Hands - Carried: Sword
Torso - Worn: Backpack (2)
Torso - Worn: Hooded Cloak
Belt - Pouch: 2D Cash
Belt - Weapon: Sword
Feet - Worn: Boots
Thieves Tools
Large Sack
Small Sack:
Iron Spikes & Nails

I think your halfling is right on the mark. Bright-eyed and thinking of family.